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The system consists of a data logger, a very accurate and calibrated pressure sensor and an instruction.
The datalogger is in a solid and weatherproof polycarbonate housing and is equipped with push buttons.
The system can be mounted at any location on the field sprayer as long as the pressure sensor is positioned as close as possible to the pressure gauge.
The system is normally in idle mode to save the builtin penlite batteries.
When the machine starts to move, this will be automatically detected, the system will be switched on.
During spraying, one of the points on the display flashes every 5 seconds to indicate that the registration is active.
Then the pressure is measured every 10 seconds and will be stored in the SLP.
The pressure measurements slide through so that the required pressures always will be readable from the last hour.
When the machine has stopped for one hour the system goes into sleep mode.
It is possible to connect the SLP to a 12V provision for operation in case of any empty batteries.
The SprayLoggerPro (SLP) is a simple and cost-effective solution to your existing spraying machine with pressure registration.
With the SLP your sprayer meets the requirements as included in the Environmental Management Activities Regulation.
The SLP is suitable for all brands and types of sprayers and can be easily built up by you or your dealer.